Do you try different viewpoint when doing Macro photography?

Macro photography is all about intimacy.  You get so close to the subject that you get intimate with it.  Most of the time, we are taking picture of the “nice side” of the flower, insect or so on.  However, there are so many facets to a flower, why don’t we show the beauty of it all?

This is just ordinary Clematis.  She was growing in my garden and on that Saturday morning I picked this flower and brought it back in my Macro Photography Studio.

When doing Macro photography of still life, a mini studio makes all the differences.  You can set up lights, background and work with your camera on a tripod.  As magnification increases, keeping the camera steady becomes so difficult.  Mounting the camera on a tripod and using a remote trigger, is key to success.

Back in my studio with my new finding, this clematis,  I took pictures of nice side of it.  The flower in a small vase, I proceeded as usual.  I rotated the vase while and found out that the back of the clematis is so interesting!

Simplicity is beautiful.  This picture is simple.  It is also rewarding.  The colors gradation between green and purple is nice.  Amongst all the pictures I took of this clematis on that day, this is the only one that got printed big and is now hanging over the bed of my daughter.  Each time we skype, I can see this picture on her wall.

It is great to take picture and show them on email, facebook and the like.  However, printing a picture is something! There are so many options for picture printing these days:  Canvas, Art Paper, glossy, metallic or matte paper.  Every subject has its best printing option.