It is often difficult or even not possible to recognize the subject of macro photography.  This picture is from a Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 lens.  As such, magnification, on a Canon 500D is at least 1.6:1 and could be as great at 8:1.  Do you recognize this flower?

Well you should!  In your house, condo or apartment you have derivative of this plant.

This is a flower of Flax, or linum perenne. The bast fibre of the common flax produce linen and the seeds linseed oil.

Macro photography is magical.

While magnification increases, the inner world macro photography reveals is stunning.  Full of colors and forms that are natural and create a sense of peace.

Everything in this picture is harmony.  Even if the colors are opposite to each other in the color wheel, the mix of colors looks natural.

When taking picture at this magnification level, I use “live view” to get a feel for what the picture will look like.  This way I can even pre-visualize depth of field.  By slowly rotating the subject and moving my camera up and down and each 360 degrees, I usually find out a composition, an angle and the depth of field that work well.

Macro photography is so rewarding.

Since I have started doing macro, I don’t look at plants, flowers and insects like I used to do it years ago

Not all of us can afford a specialized lens like the Canon MP-E 65mm.  This should not prevent you from playing with macro photography.  Read on my article on Macro Photography on a budget and find out how you can take this kind of pictures for a mere 10$ if you have a DSLR and a kit lens.