Over the last week, I spent wonderful time with +Juan Pons and new friends.  This workshop did expand my creativity and my understanding of photography.  I guess that expanding my creativity was more important to me than all the rest.  Creativity is really something that is hard to teach or learn.
Seeing how Juan looks at a potential subject helped me appreciate that creativity also comes with hard work and dedication.  Intensity is also part of the equation.  Looking at a potential subject with intensity and trying to find out the proper background, depth of field and mood that suit the subject is paramount to great shot.2012-10-21-EX-0264

In this early morning, after shooting the sun rise on this lighthouse, we were ready to leave for another great destination.  While getting in the car Juan found that the light was amazing and that this lighthouse deserved some more pixels.

What you see here is not exactly what we saw on that early morning.   However it is close and I wanted to share it with you as it is represented here.  The sun in the background was overpowering everything.  However we were able to see a great vista with this Lighthouse in the center of it.

Thanks to Juan for these very long days spent supporting every one of our needs.  I will never forget. Credit for this picture goes to him.  Scouting the location, knowing when and where the Sun would rise, goes a long way in making great pictures.

If you want to take great pictures and expand your creativity, Circle Juan and get on one of his workshops.

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