This is one of our protégés attending post school activities.  At Empowerment International (EI) we are helping kids like her to succeed in school.  This girl is sponsored by somebody like you and because of this sponsorship she is closely followed by EI personnel in collaboration with teachers at the Nicaraguan school of Granada.

The odds of this little girl getting to high school is so good!  EI sponsored kids succeed in elementary school at a rate of more than 90% instead of the usual 50%.  She will probably complete high school instead of dropping  like the vast majority of students do in the barrios outside of Granada.

When she grows older, she will probably help younger kids succeed in school, like the older students in the program help her now.   By doing this doing she will learn a lot about herself and her contribution to the community will be valued.  It is possible she will t get involved in the bike club or the photo club or other incentive and enrichment programs EI provides.  These activities help motivate young students to do better in school, raise their self esteem and self confidence and in turn help them grow through and discover parts of themselves they did not know existed.

So how can you make sure young girls like her get the education they need?

For 1$ a day, Empowerment International will get a child her in the program.  EI will meet with the student  and teacher on a regular basis to monitor his or her progress.  After each meeting EI will meet with the parents to report on the progress and will recommend corrective action as needed. EI also helps facilitate solutions to barriers that arise which would typically cause a child to drop out of school.

So can you sponsor a child  like her for 1$ a day? This is less than a cup of coffee.

You can also  buy this Calendar.  For each Calendar sold 10$ will go to EI to help these kids.

Or you can buy a print of one of these kids.  Again, all the proceeds will go to EI.

The ultimate way to help though is sponsoring a child.  When you make a commitment,  you will receive regular report on the progress of the child you are sponsoring and will have the satisfaction of giving this child the opportunities that  associated with education.

Take a few minute to hear Anielka’s Story:

Wouldn’t you like to see your protégé show such determination and character in a few years from now?