Night Photography enhanced using a slow shutter speed.

Night Photography in Paris:  here is the plan.  With my Canon 5D2 and a tripod I will stand in the middle of the street and take a picture of “Arc de Triomphe” at night with car lights moving in an out of it.

This was the plan but how about “Gendarme” getting in the way and preventing us from taking the shot.  How about asking permission?  Is this possible to ask permission for this kind of shot?

Asking for forgiveness looked simpler to me.  With our Canadian passport we could certainly claim that we are tourist and that we did not know that this was not… whatever.  Tourists have so much wiggle room.  They came to Paris and are spending so much money in Hotel fees, restaurants and so on; Gendarme can’t get too hard with them.

Moreover we are Canadians…  More than Canadians we are from Quebec.  We speak French (or something that is understandable to Gendarmes in Paris)

When it is possible I recommend you to ask for forgiveness instead of permission when you are unsure.  Do so only in Western countries though. Please refrain from doing so when in doubt or in countries with questionable human rights.

When I came on site this looks so simple.  In the middle of the street there is even a space marked “put your tripod here”.  This is a boulevard which means that there is a space in the middle of the street where cars can’t go.  A tripod friendly place.

The tripod in the middle of the traffic I take the time to takes pictures at various shutter speed up to the moment I get what I came for.  No fuss, no Gendarme in the way.

When I look back at this picture, I like having the subject centered with the ray of light on each side of the street.

About you, Do you ask for permission of Forgiveness?

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