I work in a tall building located on a small island near the Champlain Bridge, Montreal, QC.  As fall is progressing, I knew that the sun progression at this latitude would bring it in the vicinity of the bridge.  This could make a cool picture should I be able to stand on the top of the building at sunrise.

Asking for forgiveness what not a possibility in this case.  Only option was asking for permission.

How to ask for permission:

I knew they would be concerned about security, they always are.  A few days before my attempt, I manage to talk to a security guard about how cool this could be to take such a picture and he also believed that this could be nice.  When I asked to the building administrator and they did raise concerns about security, I talked about my friend Paul, the security guard that would probably agree to keep an eye on me while I was taking the picture.  I also offered to sign a release in the same sentence.

The phone got going to try to make this happens and here I am, the following morning at 06:30 on top of the Campus.  All in all I was there for 45 minutes.  Paul was very patient and I left him a small gift to show my appreciation.

Back at my desk, I immediately chose a picture amongst the nicer one and sent it to Paul, his boss and the building administrator assistant.  Doing so might help me go back up in the future.

As you can see, there is a crane in the picture.  This was not expected.  However, I like it there.  It helps frame the subject which is the bridge in the sunrise.  I also kept in the frame the top of the trees.  The square formed by the crane, the trees and the bridge is creating a frame within the frame.  I would have liked it better should the sun be aligned with the continuation of the bridge.  In a few weeks, the alignment should be perfect.

So tell me, do you ask for forgiveness or for permission?

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