How photography helps kids in Nicaragua

She is there, sitting in the mud with her nice dress, looking at me while I raise my camera to my eye to take a picture of her. She does not seem to be impressed by my Canon 5D Mark III equipped with a Canon EOS EF 24-105mm f4L IS. This is a reference only for us photographers.

Here, in North America we are used to 0% of dropout in elementary school and only 10 to 15% of drop out in high school.  In Nicaragua, and now I am talking of kids like her, less than 10% of kids in the barrios do graduate.  And only IF THEY GET to high school.

Photography helps kids in Nicaragua

Is she alright sitting in the mud?

So is she all right?

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We can make sure she is all right, it is so easy!     Empowerment International (EI) is in Granada, Nicaragua  and is working in a barrio outside the city helping kids like her  succeed in school. Their program is aligned to supplement the Nicaraguan school system in such a way that parents get involved. EI  helps the  kids with many educational obstacles. One of the programs includes a peer tutoring program after normal school hours to help them succeed.  Moreover, additional activities like baseball, soccer, a bike club, computer classes, English classes and a photography club keep them motivated to succeed.

So how can you make sure this young girl is all right?

For 1$ a day, Empowerment International will put her in the program and work with her entire family to be certain she gets the support she needs.  EI will meet with this girl, her parents  and her  teacher on a regular basis to monitor her progress.  After each meeting EI will meet her parents to report on the progress and will recommend  ways to support her education.   So can you sponsor her for 1$ a day? This is less than a coffee.

This is the ultimate way to help: sponsoring a child.  If you make a commitment, you will receive regular report on the progress of the child you are sponsoring and will have the satisfaction of giving this child the liberty and opportunities associated with education.

Take the time to look at brief but powerful video of Anielka,   She is one of the first kids that EI started working with.  She is strong, capable and poised.   She is about to enter the university.  She is  already helping kids to grow and has become a role model for them as well. Wouldn’t you like your protégé to have such determination and character  a few years from now?

I chose to sponsor Jerrison.  I can’t wait to see him grow.  How about you?

Take a few minute to hear Anielka’s Story and ask yourself:  Wouldn’t you like to see your protégé show such determination and character in a few years from now?