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Photography Simplicity Importance

As you know, photography is a passion.  Over the years, I worked on my craft inspired by the work of others.  There is no better way to learn than to look at others pictures and this is what we are doing in this article.

Amongst my inspiration there is a German guy that I listened to at least twice a month.  Chris Marquardt is based in Hanover, Germany and blog and podcast about this topic on a regular basis.  This picture from Chris is great for many reasons.  Let’s then talk about this picture from the point of view of Photography Simplicity!

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Why caring about Photography Simplicity?

A picture is a moment in time, frozen that has only two dimensions.  A picture can’t answer our questions.  In terms of interaction with a picture, there are two possibilities:

  • The picture is simple and speak for itself;
  • The picture is part of an unfinished story.

Depending on the use of it, its location and who and when it will be seen, it might be more appropriate to have a simple picture like this Pebble picture from Chris Marquardt.

Photography simplicity is quite an advantage when all you want to do is create a mood.  Simple does not necessarily means that the picture does not generate any interest.  Here is what I particularly like about this picture:

  • The limited depth of field gives some space to breath even though there are only two dimensions to it.  Properly framed on a wall it would give a great impression of depth;
  • The brown pebble is tack sharp.  Moving farther or nearer in the scene (top or bottom of the picture) the other pebbles are less in focus.  Since our eyes are guided toward what is sharp, this keeps our attention on the brown pebble.  Nicely done!
  • This brown little guy gives the impression of smiling…;
  • The water on the surface of the pebbles contributes nicely to this image.  Pebbles like these could look grey when dry.  Watered, the contrast is greater and we have the impression that we could touch them in this image.

When I look through the viewfinder or at the LCD of my camera, I ask myself these questions:

  • Can I simplify this;
  • Is there any unwanted distractions;
  • Can/should I remove something from the frame;
  • Should I add something in the frame;
  • What would I gain moving the viewpoint up, down, left or right;
  • What about moving forward or backward;
  • And most of all I am looking at any details leading the viewer outside of the frame.

These few things helps me take better pictures.

Connecting with the viewer

By the way, a picture has more impact when there is a connection with the viewer.  Bear with me with this topic for a moment and let me tell you a little bit about me.

At the end of 2012, I put together a list of things I want to do in the short to medium term.  Amongst these, I want to travel to Iceland, for at least a week, only to take picture of the great landscape over there.  Such a trip is quite an investment.  Preparing and saving for this trip will be demanding.  A new lens or tripod might distract me from this goal.  As such, keeping my attention on that goal on a regular basis will help make it a reality.  Photography simplicity is not just about composition…

This picture, along with 19 others from Chris Marquardt, is now on a folder on my computer and serves as wallpaper.  The whole package of 20 pictures is available for only 5 US$.  Every 30 minutes or so, my wallpaper change to another great Iceland picture from Chris.  This helps me stay focus on my goal.

Now you understand why this picture is more important to me.  It connects me with one of my goal.   We are looking to the world (pictures included) through the eyes of our past experiences and desires.   This is why connecting with your audience is important.

About Chris Marquardt:

Please take the time to look at Chris Marquardt work.  Should you want to learn more about photography you could also listen to him as he talks about it.  If you are like me and are connecting with these nice pictures, you can 20 wallpapers images for your personal computer or mobile device for just 5 US$.

Did you ever take a picture with the aim of making it very simple?  Show us a picture in comment field that translate photography simplicity in your own field.