HDR is the abbreviation for High Dynamic Range.  The technique involved taking multiples pictures at different exposure to capture the full dynamic range of a scene.  This is the capture part.  How about the post-processing part?

Combining these pictures together could be done with various programs, like Photoshop, Photomatix, Nik Software HDR eFex Pro, and so on.Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

Is Photorealistic HDR important to you?

While we were visiting Costa-Rica we went in the backcountry to see the real Costa-Rica, away from the tourist attractions.  In this little city, I found this lovely church.

The wood’s old look of the free-standing bench, the curved wall and the stained glass were so nice! I immediately knew that I need a picture.

The sun was setting and the stained glass was really colorful.  I knew that the dynamic range was way greater than what my camera could record.  Putting the camera on one of the wooden bench and using it as a tripod, I took multiple bracketed exposures.

The light outside the church on this late afternoon was really nice.  After snapping the picture, I went outside and took pictures of the surrounding areas.  Today, looking back at this picture I think that this church had much more potential than this single picture I brought back.

In a recent workshop in Maine with Juan Pons, I have learned  to stop and wait for the light.  Standing in one place, we waited for the sun to set and the color of light to change to grab a single picture.

Should I return to this place in the future. I would to take the time to wait for the light and get the most of this church personality.