Are pictures worth a thousand words?

This is my first post of 2016.  It ought to be special.  In order to start this new year, I would like to bring some light on two pictures I took this year that are worth a thousand tears.

The Polytechnique Massacre

On December 6th, 1989, 14 women were killed at École Polytechnique in Montreal by a 25 years man.  I was in my car while the snow was falling on Montreal when I learned about it.  I remember vividly how I felt at that moment.  I felt like if I was not worth living.  How somebody, more or less like me, could do such a thing?

Commemoration of 14 lost lifes

26 years later on December 6th 2015 I was there for the commemoration of this event for us all to remember what happened.  14 rays of light heading in the sky and coming together at a meeting point representing these 14 lives that disappeared before they even started.

14 young Women killed by a 25 years old man.

14 young Women killed by a 25 years old man.

On a stand in the middle of the place, 14 pictures of these women for us to remember who they were.  Who they should be today.  I felt helpless in front of the absurdity that occurred years before.  The air was dry and cold.  The 14 rays of light were fighting against the darkness of the sky.

About Registering Firearms

[bctt tweet=”A thousand tears goes to firearms control in memory of 14 lost lifes”]

I cannot explain what happened and why it happened. But there is more to it.  I cannot explain why we do not all agree on the importance of registering firearms.  This unacceptable to me.  My car is registered as belonging to me.  I had to go through the process of making sure I could drive and own a car.  What about guns?

Never again A thousand tears

I would like these 14 women to tell us about the importance of registering firearms.  It seems that a thousand tears are not enough.  Nor a thousand words.  I hope that all of us remember these innocent women when comes time to take side in the next firearm registration debate.