Here is my opinion on post processing photos.

There are more and more features in cameras today.  More and more we see camera feature enabling pictures posting to the web immediately.  Instantaneous is a criteria for being on the web.  Instagram and other software on Smart Phone or on newly available and connected compact camera are becoming the norm.

So, is there still a need for post-processing?  I wish I would be able to tell yes!  Post processing photos is a core, a duty a work to get rid of hopefully.

Driving around Haleakalla

Driving around Haleakalla

So here is two version of the same picture, taken while I was on vacation on the beautiful island of Maui.  Here is the Solitary Tree against the wind.

I did my best to get it right in the camera.  I wanted to have the least amount of post-processing possible.  Although here are the changes made between the before and the after picture:Landscape Photography


  • Horizon is not straight.  Fixed while cropping in post processing;
  • There is an ugly fence that is distracting.  I removed it using Content Aware fill from Photoshop;
  • White balance is not perfect.  Clouds looks blue, I had to fix this also;
  • Improving the contrast in the sky really helped make the sky and clouds nicer;
  • Some added Sharpness and Clarity in the tree and surrounding vegetation helped a lot;
  • A touch of saturation also helped the overall look;
  • Removing noise in the sky.  I don’t know why but my Canon 7D really like noise in skies;
  • Adjusting the white and black point and helping the Shadow and Highlight did help also.

These two representations of the same picture show a tree, alone, fighting against the wind since it’s coming into this world.  These two pictures tell the same story.  Tell me, which version of the story to you like the most?