This is just a standard little water stream running in the forest.  Not more than 3 inches wide, water is flowing very slowly downstream.  The surroundings are interesting though.  The green moss on either side looks like mountains when using this alternate viewpoint.

We saw it from the window of the car while driving up a small elevation.  Our target was a better view up there.  Unfortunately, the view was ordinary from the top of the hill.

Driving down, we stopped by this little stream and tried to find out a proper composition to create a nice picture.

We started by “manicuring” it.  Removing little branches and most leaves, keeping only what looks good.  We put our tripods firmly on the ground and as low as possible.  The intent was clearly to get this look of a large river flowing through the forest.

How does Slow Shutter Speed impact the scene?

In order to make these lines in the stream we used a Neutral Density Filter and opted for a small aperture of f/16 and a slow shutter speed of 3 seconds.  Doing so, the water that is flowing very slowly, showed these lines instead of small bubbles.

When using a slow shutter speed remember the following.  Bright moving areas records on the sensor while moving.  Darker or black areas will disappear when bright or white moving objects are moving in front of it.