Spring, please Spring come back to me!

At this time of the year, when leafs have fallen to the ground and winter is preparing its entry with fanfare, I can’t help but think about next spring. Although less spectacular than fall, spring is a season that is so sweet. The new leaf appearing on trees have this magnificent beauty associated with new life. Everything seems so smooth and loving.Charron Island

When taking landscape pictures in this lovely season, here is some of the things that I try to keep in mind.

– A polarized filter help with the colors. Reflection on these small leafs are cause by humidity or water.  This filter help bring the color back and this in turn gives richer and subtle green. Moreover, when using a polarized filter, you can control water reflection which is very useful;

– When shooting over water, a Neutral Density filter is so useful.  It enables you to use a slower  shutter speed. Doing so, help create smoother water by blurring the moving water. A variable neutral density filter enables to fine tune shutter speed based on the desired effect.

– Early morning and late afternoon are also prime time to take landscape pictures. The low angle of light help reduce the high contrast associated with high noon. Spring pictures are lovely when they are more subdued.

– Composition is also important for spring pictures. Foreground interest, reflection, interesting skies are all elements that give more interesting pictures.

Waiting for spring, I will remain active taking pictures in the more challenging winter season. I will do some work on past pictures and read and prepare for the next season.

About yourself, what will you do this winter photography related? Do you love Spring has I do?
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