photography is somewhat like being a thief and stealing moments of life happening out in the open.  By acting undercover, the spy that I am on this September 11th, 2009, is getting intimate with these women.  Without them knowing it!

I am in a small town, south of Florence in Italy. This is Friday night, just after dinner.  Like every evening, when the weather permits, these women are doing what millions of other Italian women are doing.  They comb their air, dress very nicely, wear their nice jewel and go out to greet their neighbor and friends.

They will chat about Berlusconi, the pope and so on.  We were in vacation my lovely wife and me and were not paying attention that much to our clothes.  A jeans and a short was part of our attire on that Friday night.  Even at the start of September, days are hot when the sun shines in Tuscany.

Street photography: Acting as a spy!

I saw them talking on this nice bench.  I set my camera with what seemed to me the proper setting for the scene and took a first picture of the street on their left.  I looked at the viewfinder, reviewed the histogram, made some adjustment, and raised the camera again to take a picture of the street.  From my right eyes, I saw that at least one of them saw me doing this.  Her interest in me vanished immediately.  I reviewed the LCD after the second shot and I knew that my exposure was dead on.  I raised my camera again to take another shot.  I stood immobile for a second, rotate my body to the right and grab a picture of the three of them talking.  I rotated my body again toward the street, took a pause and lower the camera to see the back of the screen again.  Pushing the playback button and I looked at the picture of the women on my LCD screen, happy with the result, I nod with my head, look back at the street again, then at the LCD again, put the camera on my hip and continue to walk in the street.

You know what I did, they did not.  There is so many ways to take pictures and stay unnoticed.  Try it out.  Practice it. The results will amaze you!.  Street photography is all about blending in and getting unnoticed.