Easy subjects in Street Photography are these street performers around city center, markets and other touristic places.  They are usually colorful and sunning.  At least they are there for a show and are less concerned about your camera than other passerby.

Back in April 2006 we went to Disney Animal Kingdoms.  This is an incredible place for photography.  Wildlife (I should say tamed wildlife) is abundant and at every corner, Street Performer where doing everything needed to makes us smile.

This is where we met “Faucon Agile”.  At least, this is the name he gave us.

When I saw him playing on this tam-tam, my immediate reaction was to raise my camera to take a shot.  He jumped on his feet and stretched his wings overhead, showing how great he is as Faucon Agile.

How to be proficient at Street Photography?

In the street, action is happening very fast and what was interesting to shoot a few seconds back, is now gone forever.  You need to be ready instantaneously.  Here are my tips for great street photography:

  • I have my camera on a sling strap on my right hip.  I use a Black Rapid RS-5.  This way, my right hand can grab the camera and bring it to my eyes in matter of a split second;
  • I keep the camera in a ready state and leave the power on;
  • I use a wide-angle lens, either my Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM or my Canon 17-40mm F/4L;
  • I set the camera to aperture priority f/8 or above. Auto ISO, Continuous Shooting and AI-Servo;
  • When there is idle time, waiting in line for example, I shoot from the hip.  This is an important skill in Street Photography.

There is many other ways and techniques to learn and improve your success doing street photography.  Go ahead, try these and techniques and tell me how you like doing street photography.