Sometime we face subject strong enough that we don’t need to do anything more than take a picture.  Without a subject, a picture is not worth much.  A picture needs to tell something to your audience.  Without a story, there will be no interest in your pictures.

When I came to this fisherman shed, I had a strong subject.  All the elements, old and new were there.  This shed wall is a story in itself with all these lobster trap buoys, small and big and brightly colored. Each lobster fisherman has his own color markings and registration numbers so they know which ones belongs to them.  Each fisherman must display their license number on their boat so law enforcement officials can do their job.  It helps that these buoys are brightly colored when there is rain, fog or sea smoke.

The American Lobster is the more prevalent lobster in the world.  It is found on the Atlantic coast of North America from Labrador to Cape Hatteras.  This fisherman shed was found on Bunker Pound Road near Gouldsboro, Maine.

Life as a lobster fisherman is not an easy life as reported by the New York Times in July:

“A combination of warm weather and good conservation techniques has led to what could end up being a record lobster harvest across Maine waters. The glut is particularly noticeable here in Stonington, a fishing village on an archipelago by the Atlantic Ocean that has more lobster “landings,” or catches, than anywhere in the state.”

This unfortunately led the price down to a 40 years low.

Whenever you go to your grocery store or to the market take a moment to think about the hard work needed to get these fresh products near your living place.  Be it fruit, vegetables or fish and meat, Peoples working in the food industry usually work hard for little money.  Generally, when the season is good the price drop from overabundance.  If the season is bad, the income is not there because quantities are not high enough to cover for all the costs associated with operations.

This is a strong subject and as you can see this is also a good picture to tell a story.  Documentary photography is what helps us understand the world around us and these photographers, doing documentary photography, also have a hard living.  In photography, like in lobster fishing, overabundance leads to price going down…

Strong Subjects - Documentary photography

Fisherman Shed are full of surprises