On Sunday, October the 7th, I was unlucky or ill prepared.  I thought that I knew it well and when I came on site for the Sunrise over the Laurentians, the best had come and gone.2012-10-13-0566-Modifier

I knew this place well.  I have done it more than once.  However, too much gear slowed me down.  It did rain the night before I came so I had to progress more slowly.  This was the best week-end for fall foliage and I missed the sunrise.  Between me and you, the cloud cover was so heavy that I probably did not miss that much.

At 03:37 this morning at 28 degree Fahrenheit I am out again to try to make it to the summit of Montagne d’Argent in time for the sunrise.  I know I need to get there at least by 06:30.  Sun will rise at 07:10 and the best chances for a colored sky are before the sun rise.

I reach my hiking point at 04:55 which is good.  I did the hiking to the summit in the past in 1:10 so I should be ok.  I was less ambitious this morning and left one body along with one lens that I am used to carry at home.  As I progress to my destination the sky remains very dark.  I worried about the cloud cover.

Because, you know, photographing sunrise is a gambling.  Whatever the weather forecast says, everything could occur!  The very nice light, associated with sunrise, last only for 15 minutes.  Driving 90 minutes and hiking another 90 minutes up the hill to get nothing is quite possible.

Up to the top, I realized that this will be a good morning.  There are clouds but the east is open sky.  I should get something.

As you can see, the resulting picture was worth the trip.  Next week I will spend the week with Juan Pons in Acadia National Park.  This going to be great!

When was the last time you got up early to catch the sunrise?

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