In a previous post, we talked about the most known rule of composition.  The rule of thirds.  Looking at this image, you might think that I have this wrong.  Well, there are many rules and some of them might suggest doing things differently.  In this image, the symmetry created by the reflection in the water is more important than the rule of third.  Let‘s talk about Symmetry!


The reflection in the water is about as large as the reality above water.  Moreover, from the central mountain called Grand Teton, the mountain peaks are going lower from center to the right and from the center to the left.  Again, symmetry is playing its magic on us.

In composition, symmetry is a powerful way to make a picture.  For some reasons, our eyes are traveling away from the center and back to it and across to appreciate the symmetry.  To help the symmetry I added a neutral gradual density filter in lightroom in the upper half of this picture.

Do you take advantage of reflection in water to take advantage of symmetry?  Is there any other way to take advantage of symmetry?

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