Telling a story with the help of detail shots.

I really like telling a story when going out with the family or friends to do something special.  Taking pictures is something that everybody does, don’t you?  We like to tell a story when taking pictures. Our memories of an event is based on the emotions that we lived. This being said, such an activity is like a story and taking some details shots help improve on telling of the Story.

These detail shots could be part of a montage or would simply help break the usual smiling faces that you get whenever you are pointing your camera at somebody.  Moreover these shot could be very artistic and combines shape and colors in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Details Shots help tell a story

Take multiple details shots. They will help you tell a story.

While we were out doing rock climbing with the kids I took on me to grab pictures of the whole activity.  I took multiple details shots.  Shoes, gear, hands and feet in cracks or securing a position did offer a lot of opportunities.

In this shot we can feel the pain and needs for security of the climber securing his fingers on the rock.  By shooting at f4.5 at the long end of the telephoto, the surrounding element are out of focus.  This bring back our attention on the subject:  The security of both hands on the rock.  When I look back at this shot I remember how I felt when myself while climbing on that same wall. This shot is helping the story.

When you are doing an activity that you are documenting, it is always a good idea to take details shots.  It helps tell the story and is a good complement to the smiling faces we are used to get when taking pictures.

So, will you take detail shots next time you are documenting an activity?

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