There is so much information cluttering most pictures.  It is difficult to create a strong message when there is too much information.  Reverting to simple scene with less information, like in this silhouette, is a plus.  Your message will be stronger and simpler.  There will be fewer distractions.2009-02-17-0001

Go for the magic of silhouette when you can!

In this image, the message is simple.  A walkway is leading into the sun.  Our subject is posing, like if asking: ”Are you coming with me?”  The subject being on the left side of the walkway leads us to believe that the photographer should come by her side to walk into the sun.

Composition is good.  Multiple composition elements help the pictures.  Let’s review them together:

  • The subject is on one of the third line;
  • The walkway is leading from the bottom to the upper right third of the frame;
  • The walkway is getting narrower in the distance.  Creating a sense of depth;
  • The background is slightly out of focus which also help support the third dimension;
  • Contrast in the scene is interesting, the picture being almost monochrome.

Simplicity is one of the great rules of photography.  By keeping your picture simple, you help your audience.   Shooting this scene might not have come to mind intuitively.  Looking into the sun with very large areas underexposed and overexposed meant bad news for this picture.  However, because of its simplicity, the message comes across so easily.  We can say that this picture is a nice way a communicating: “Are you coming with me?”

When you can shoot a silhouette, go for it.  Silhouette is a great communication technique.