Travel Photography Tips for your Vacations

Holiday pictures are part of our lives.  Some of us, only get the camera out while on vacation.  Back in the old good days, when each picture cost 1$, this was less common to take picture of everything and anything.  This being said, our Travel Photography do not need to be boring!  When you will look back at these you want to remember the emotion and feelings associate with your Travel Destination.  By following these few Travel Photography Tips you will get the most out of them even might consider hanging one of them on your wall!


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Get the most of your Travel Pictures with these Travel Photography Tips:

  1. Get out early or late in the afternoon.  The light is so nice at these time,  everything looks awesome;
  2. Include strong geographic forms.  A simple picture, based on simple geographic forms will appeal more the viewer;
  3. Make sure you have a solid anchor point. in your composition.  Hopefully something out of the ordinary;
  4. Should you be able to, add a second anchor point that will help.  In this picture the London Tower Bridge is a well-known iconic building in London;
  5. Take good care of your composition:
    1. Keep the horizon straight;
    2. Anchor point should be on the lines of thirds;
    3. Try to re-create the third dimension with something in the foreground, the middle ground and the background;
    4. Make sure everything is in focus;
    5. Use a tripod.

By following these simple steps, you will get the most of your Travel Photography and coming back home, looking at these memories, emotions and feelings will surface.

Good luck with your Travel Photography and remember, should you want to add to this post with your own tips on Travel Photography, do so in the comment section below.