When following a water stream look forward and backward.  Stop now and then and look at the stream, the path it is following, does it create a path for your eyes to travel the picture.

This composition technique, associated with leading lines, is making the picture more interesting.  You should still care about all the other aspects of the picture though, don’t leave any stone unturned!

What is special about this water streams picture holds in a few things:

  • Shutter speed of 1,6 seconds really makes the stream look nice.
  • The stream jumps from the higher part of the picture, climbing down stairs to the lower part of it.  Making our eyes travel through the picture.
  • The rock in the bottom middle of the picture holds three colorful leaves and this is creating a foreground interest.
  • Multiples textures on each side of the stream are also interesting.

There are a few things to improve though:

  • The foreground interest is in the center of the frame; moving on either side would improve the composition.
  • The stream is also travelling mainly in the center of the frame.  This would have been more interesting if it would travel from one side to the other.

When looking back at your picture and wondering what is good and what could be improved you are going in the right direction.

If ever you are looking at one of your picture and there is nothing that you can improve on it, too bad for you!  I mean that you can’t improve your craft anymore!  This would be bad news.  I always ask myself, should I be there again, what would I do differently?  I can’t stop until I find something to make me better at what I am doing.

About yourself, are you taking the time to find out what you could improve?