Water offers many possibilities to enhance and improve pictures.  Water could be still like a mirror, flow down on cascades, violently hit the shoreline or create wonderful rainbows.

Using water at your advantage can produce great pictures!

Including water in your pictures is a sure way to make them more interesting.  In this nice picture of fall colors taken in Acadia National Park in October 2012, Water is playing a great role by reflecting the hill in the distance with its magnificent fall colors.

This body of water was really small.  In this picture, you might have the impression that this is a river.  Well, it was only two feet wide and going only 5 feet in distance.  This sure does not looks like a small patch of water.

To achieve this effect I used a focal length of 23mm at f22 and got down very low, almost touching the water with my camera.  Doing so, this small body of water look a lot larger.

Our eyes follow this river that is forming a nice arc inside the image from the lower left to the center of the image.

Challenges associated with this technique include:

  • You will need a vast depth of field that will command a small aperture combined with a wide lens.
  • When photographing element that are only a few inches away from the camera, a tripod is mandatory to avoid camera shake.  The relative movement in the picture of near element are magnified.
  • Getting down very low might means some discomfort and getting wet.  However, you will not remember these little challenges one year from now.
Look here for another example of water reflection in Landscape Photography!
Now go ahead and use water at your advantage in your next landscape picture.  Get wet and create great pictures.

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