How about investing 30$ on your website to make your website mobile ready?

Recently I have bought the eBook Google+ for Photographer by +Colby Brown.

I am just at the quarter of it and I have a list of to-do longer than ever before about my web presence.  I will be more and more active as a photographer in the future.  Having a good web presence today is mandatory to succeed in that field.  A good presence also means looking good on mobile device.

The first things that strikes me when reading Colby was how outdated my web site is (was).  Today, more mobile devices are surfing the web than personal computer.  My site is just horrible on a mobile device. How about yours?  Is your website mobile ready?

For me this is still a hobby and I can’t put thousands of dollars on a new website platform with professionals services associated to it. So… where do I start?

How about putting together my criteria:

  • I want to use all the space on popular monitor (1920 x 1080) when maximized;
  • I want to conform to HTML5;
  • I’d like to be easy on resources.  I am on a shared platform;
  • I need to look very nice on iPad or Android Tablet be it portrait or landscape;
  • I want it to show well on iPhone and Android phone;
  • I’d like it to resize gracefully when the user, on a PC, resize Chrome or IE;
  • I’d like to avoid CSS but keep it as an option for the future;
  • I’d like it to look as good as Squarespace without the monthly fee;
  • All of this on a shared computer by a web hosting specialist.

So, I should drop down some criteria right?   May be not.  Take your Tablet or your  Phone and have a look by yourself and see what 30$ have done to my Blog.

Now try the following:

  • Portrait then landscape using your Tablet;
  • portrait then landscape on an iPhone or Android cell phone;
  • Resize your Chrome window on a PC and look at the picture being resized gracefully as you do so;
  • You will also notice that the right sidebar is pushed to the bottom of the site should the width be too small for you to look at the web site comfortably.

This is not perfect.  There are some small quirks here and there.  However this is miles and miles away better than what I had.  For just 30$ and 8 hours of work, this iFeaturePro from +CyberChimps  do offer tremendous value.

I am just stunned by the iFeaturePro template for WordPress made by for only 30$.

I still have much to do but after only 8 hours of work, most of it doing blog articles, this look good.  Not only on my 1920 x 1080 monitor but also on my iPad and Android Sony tablet.

If you don’t care about Tablet and Mobile devices, those users will not care about you.  Should you be on WordPress like me, there is an easy and affordable way to improve your website.

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