Blue hour photography, how to creates great pictures and continue shooting.

So the sun went down and the colorful glow out west is fading away.  This is time to put the camera back in the bag.  Is it?  Sure not!  Get the tripod out and just keep on shooting!Epcot at dusk

This is the blue hour.  Until complete darkness it is time to create stunning picture.  There are enough light in the sky to create nice colors.  The light intensity coming from lamps and windows is in perfect harmony with the rest of the scene.  Pictures taken at this time usually shows nice balance.

There are multiple options to continue shooting:

This is certainly one of the very interesting way to take picture in the blue hour.  With a tripod and a longer exposure you will get nice pictures.  You might even spot some ghost that are just as lovely on pictures as they are.

Check the back of your camera and try to avoid overexposed the scene.  We are at night and even if your histogram is more on the left side, this is ok.

  • Increasing ISO

Recent cameras are so good even at very high ISO.  Upping to 3,200 or 6,400 could create very nice hand-held pictures.  Try it out.  You will find out what you camera is really able to do in such circumstances.  Remember that what you see on the back of the camera is a .jpg version of the raw file.  This version might have noise reductions activated.  When you come back home and you look at your raw file you might find it very noisy.  There is multiple tools to fix noises in post processing.

You could also revert to shooting in .jpg and let the camera handle the noise reduction itself.

No more glow in the sky? It is time to start shooting!