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  • How to take nice pictures through fences at the Zoo – 8 Tips to do so.
    Taking pictures at the zoo could be a challenge. More so when animals are behind fences. Here are 8 things you can try to take great pictures through fences at the zoo.
  • Blue Hour Photography in Vegas
    How about a fountain picture at dusk. Ideal time. At blue hour, the light enables to take longer exposure and this, combined with water moving, makes great shots. I have been fortunate enough to go to Las Vegas and see by myself the Bellagio fountain.  A great experience.  Humanity’s ingenuity surpasses me at time.  While I …

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  • How to Avoid Camera Shake
    Camera shake is the worst enemy of the photographer when comes time to do a long exposure.  Even when using a normal shutter speed, landscape photography could suffer from camera shake.  Why in landscape more than in other type of photography? Because landscape record with precision very small details.  When looking at these details camera …

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  • Alternate Viewpoints in Photography
    Alternate Viewpoints make dull pictures interesting. Great pictures are often the results of using an Alternate Viewpoint. Go ahead and try it out by yourself. You will be stunned with the result.