Intimate Landscape using Alternate Viewpoint

Alternate Viewpoints in Photography

Alternate Viewpoints is a sure way to create Interest

You are visiting a new place, walking on the path and the landscape offer few photography opportunity?  Change your viewpoint!  Viewpoint in Photography is all about looking up, down, getting low on the ground or climbing in a tree or on a stool.  These pictures with alternate viewpoint are much more interesting.  They surprise us.

Importance of Alternate Viewpoints in Photography

Looking Backward

When walking on a path way do you look backward?  Often, picture taken looking backward are more interesting than looking forward.  Pathway are easy leading lines.  By getting down you might find interesting composition with strong leading lines.

Looking upward

Looking upward is another way to change viewpoint

We were walking on this artificial pathway to a waterfall farther away in the jungle of Maui. Ahead, behind, on our right and on our left, there was only Bamboo in view.  Bamboo is a type of grass in the Poaceae family. They also are one of the faster growing plants in the world.  Depending on sub-species and growing conditions, some specimen can grow 100cm (39 inches) in 24 hours only!

As you can imagine, the landscape looked a bit dull after the first amazement we had entering this forest of bamboo.  Along the pathway we seldom saw any other plants.  Bamboo is quite invasive and they grow from a rhizome in the ground after being cut.  A typical growing season is 4 months.

After the usual pictures in this new environment I was looking for other composition and interesting subject.  I came across this old tortuous tree that evidently tried to survive in this hostile environment.  By changing my viewpoint and looking up with my camera I was able to show that this old tree is really having a hard time to get to the needed light.  Moreover, knowing how Bamboo grows, the root systems of this tree are certainly feverishly fighting for survival underneath.  Resistance is futile.  The bamboos are outnumbering the tree and will win over this place in a matter of a few years.

Get down low and close for an interesting viewpoint

Intimate Landscape using Alternate Viewpoint
This Intimate Landscape was created using an Alternate Close-up Viewpoint

More recently I was wandering in a nearby forest just before the fall season.  Looking for potential scenery for when the fall colors will be at its peak later on.  By thinking about alternate viewpoint I came across this intimate landscape that I found very attractive.  I got on the ground with my camera and compose a scene that is rather interesting.

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Remember to change your viewpoint.  You will find great vistas worth hanging on your wall or a picture supporting a story like this oneā€¦

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